A Step by Step Guide for Home Buyers in Orlando

Buying a home is an important milestone in most people’s lives. It’s the realization of the American dream for many first-time buyers. But it involves a complex process with many steps, and any number of things can go wrong along the way. To help you navigate the process, here is a step-by-step guide for home … Continued

A Step by Step Guide for Home Sellers in Orlando

Home sellers would like, no doubt, to just list their, find a buyer, collect the cash, and hand over the keys – all done quickly, easily, and hassle-free. That would indeed be nice, but selling a home seldom works out that way. In reality, the process is usually long and complex and not without hiccups … Continued

3 Red Flags Home Sellers in Orlando Should Watch Out For

Even in today’s seller’s market with low inventory and high demand, home sellers in Orlando still need to carefully consider offers – beyond the dollar amount – and reject some. Some buyers are just too picky and have unrealistic expectations, others really aren’t qualified buyers, and still others include things in their offer that are … Continued

5 Tips to Help You Improve the Screen Appeal of Your Orlando Home

You’ve probably heard that when selling a home, you need to work on and enhance curb appeal. And that’s true. But now there’s “screen appeal.” This refers to the way your home appears in photos, videos, and virtual tours. It is critical that you get it right because most home buyers begin their home search … Continued

3 Ways That Waiting to Buy an Orlando House is Costing You

As most potential home buyers know, home prices are up and rising, interest rates are now increasing from historic lows, and inventory is still in woefully short supply. And all of this makes many people think that they should wait to buy – at least, wait till prices go down and there are more homes … Continued

3 Major Mistakes Homeowners Often Make When Selling Their House Without a Orlando Real Estate Agent

Selling a home is no small task. It can be time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and anxiety-inducing, especially for first-time sellers. But despite that, many sellers choose to forego working with an agent to avoid paying the agent commission. And that’s often a costly error because sellers going it alone typically make some big mistakes in such … Continued